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Business Insurance

Business Insurance

We work to help our business-owning clients protect the value they have worked tirelessly to create through Key Person Insurance.

What is Key Person Insurance?

  • A type of tax-deductible term-life insurance that a company purchases on a key executive of the business. 
  • Ensures that if anything were to happen to the owner, or another key employee, there would be money that could be used to hire a replacement, give time to sell the company, or provide the owner’s beneficiary with compensation. 
  • With a partnership, a partner can use it to buy stock from the other partner. 
  • Also known as “key man insurance,” “key woman insurance” or “business life insurance.”

Who Needs It?

  • All business owners should purchase Key Person insurance through the company for themselves. 
  • Also be purchased on any other employee that is irreplaceable or would severely hurt the company if they were
    to suddenly pass away. 

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