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February 26, Market Moment Thumbnail

February 26, Market Moment

Market Moment

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  • Today Amazon replaces Walgreens Boots Alliance in the Dow index. This may not be good for the stock however since analysis shows that stocks added to the Dow since 2000 have, on average, underperformed the S&P 500 by 13.83% in the following year. *1
  • Nvidia's market value skyrocketed from $600 billion to $2 trillion in a year, making it the third most valuable U.S. company. The company now generates revenue of $22.1 billion compared to just $6.0 billion last year. 2
  • Over the past year automobile maintenance and repair costs increased 6.5% and insurance costs skyrocketed 20.6%. It now costs an average of $12,182 annually to own and operate a new car. 3
  • January's Consumer Price Index (CPI) came in higher than expected on nearly every metric, but there was a silver lining. Core CPI declined for the tenth consecutive month, dropping to 3.87% from a peak of 5.56% in April 2023, a pattern not seen since March-December 1975. 3


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*Past performance is not indicative of future performance

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