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May 28, 2024 Market Moment Thumbnail

May 28, 2024 Market Moment

Market Moment

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  • Since WWII, the S&P 500's average change for the six months leading up to the presidential election has been +4.21%, with gains 84% of the time. 1*
  • Average annual wages have risen substantially more in the US since 1990 than in other developed nations. In 2024, average US wages hit a peak of $77,074 compared to $50,871 in the UK, $46,216 in Germany, and $27,955 in Japan. 2
  • Together, YouTube and Netflix hold 47.1% of the streaming market, with shares of 25.3% and 21.8%, respectively. Amazon and Hulu are the subsequent significant players, each with a market share below 8%. 3
  • Last week, Nvidia’s market valuation reached $2.59 trillion, surpassing the combined worth of Amazon and Tesla. Nvidia is now the third most valuable company, following Microsoft at $3.06 trillion and Apple at $2.85 trillion. 4


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*Past performance is not indicative of future performance

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