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November 20, 2023 Market Moment Thumbnail

November 20, 2023 Market Moment

Market Moment

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  • Thanksgiving dinner costs less this year, with a 4.5% decrease from last year's prices. Despite this drop, prices are still 25% higher compared to 2019, following a 20.1% increase in 2022. 1
  • Historical data shows that in the year leading up to the last 20 U.S. Presidential Elections, the S&P 500 gained 18 times out of 20, averaging a 9% increase. *1
  • In the latest quarter, a record 20.5 million credit cards were opened in the U.S. Average balances hit a ten-year high of $6,088, up 15% from the previous year. Paying off this average credit card balance with minimum monthly payments would now take 17 years! 1
  • Since 1940 stocks consistently outperformed cash. Even in 1-year intervals, cash historically lost to stocks over 70% of the time. Holding cash for 3 years increased underperformance to 31% and over 25 years, the average underperformance soared to a remarkable 1,214%. 2, 3


  1. Bespoke Investment Group- "Cheaper Turkey, Ballooning Balances, Wretched Retirement, and more..."
  2. Advisorpedia - "Clients Stuck on the Sidelines? Give Them Three Reasons to Put Cash to Work with Confidence"
  3. This is not investment advice. Investment decision making should take into account your personal risk tolerance, financial situation, and time horizons. Decisions to invest in any particular strategy, or conversely, to abstain from a particular investment strategy should be made in conjunction with consultation with your financial adviser. 

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance

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