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October 9, 2023 Market Moment Thumbnail

October 9, 2023 Market Moment


Market Moment

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  • Historically, Bull markets are much stronger than Bear markets. Bear markets last about 10 months and lead to a 36% stock market drop. Bull markets, however, typically last around 2.7 years with an average gain of 112%, occurring 78% of the time in the past 91 years. *1
  • In Duke University's CFO survey, 40% of CFOs reduced spending due to interest rates, with additional reasons including economic uncertainty (52.2%), weak demand (41.4%), and hiring difficulties (33.0%). 2
  • A Federal Reserve study reveals that most Americans outside the wealthiest 20% now have less cash than when the pandemic started. Bank deposits and liquid assets for the bottom 80% were lower in June 2023 compared to March 2020, adjusted for inflation. 3
  • The conflict in Israel will likely lead to tighter enforcement of oil sanctions on Iran. Recently the US has turned a blind eye to Iran’s increased oil output which rose by nearly 700,000 barrels daily in 2023. Tightening the sanctions again could now push oil prices beyond $100 per barrel. 4 


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*Past performance is not indicative of future performance

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